Historic Photo Project

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We are looking for historic photos.

You might not think of the contents of that old box of photographs stashed on top of your bookshelf or under the guest room bed as historic. But they could be! Photographs taken many years ago tell the story of our town. Some tell of old roadways, buildings and neighborhoods, others of school events, public get-togethers and everyday life in earlier decades. All are the stuff of which memories - and history - are made.

Residents of Clemson who have been around a while are sometimes apt to lapse into sessions such as; Remember when Dan's Sandwich Shop was almost the only restaurant in town? Or; Remember how Judge Keller totaled his sales on the side of a brown paper bag? And; Remember when Town Council met in Ollie Garrison's old Sinclair Station? In recent decades, we have seen virtually every section of the City change. From that early downtown restaurant, we've moved on to dozens. From our late beloved Judge Keller and his fellow merchants, the commercial community has expanded to 605 owners of business licenses in 2014. The City government operates from better quarters than formerly, too.

The City of Clemson has an impressive Record Room in City Hall, and among the hundreds of well-catalogued boxes of official records, there are also a few containing photographs, pictorial annual report calendars, and other non-official documents. But among the photographs, there are few that chronicle the City's history from its earliest days in the 1890's as Calhoun to the mid-century decades after it became Clemson in 1946. You may be able to help fill in some historic gaps by showing, and identifying for us, your photos, and allowing us to copy some of them to add to the story of our town. We set no time period as to when the photographs should have been made. If you think they picture interesting bygone places, unique happenings or unusual people in our town's past - during any part of its history - we would like to see them.

If you are willing to share your pictures (or other memorabilia), please make an appointment to review your material with us at Clemson City Hall, 1250 Tiger Boulevard. This review will be done by either City Clerk Beverly Coleman, Records Keeper and former clerk Dianne Bitzer or Dot Yandle.

To make an appointment: Dot Yandle Phone: (864) 654-8979. We hope you will enjoy being a part of our Historic Clemson project. Thank you for your willingness to share what you know about our great City with us.

Historic photo above: Clemson Cadets marching to FDR Funeral Train in 1945.