Mayor Abernathy Portrait

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First in a Series of Portraits Unveiled

The portrait of Mayor Larry W. Abernathy was unveiled at the Clemson Area Transit facility during the Annual Passport to The Arts on March 07, 2014. The portrait has a CATbus in the foreground depicting one of Mayor Abernathy’s greatest legacies - Clemson Area Transit. His dream of having a public transit system that would benefit Clemson, as well as surrounding areas continues to be a successful collaborative endeavor.

The portrait is the first in a series of oil portraits to be commissioned of each former mayor of Clemson. Each mayor will be painted with a scene depicting their legacy to the City and become a permanent collection to hang in Clemson City Hall.

International artist Justin Donaldson, originally from Sydney, Australia, and now a Clemson resident was commissioned to paint the late Mayor Abernathy's portrait. Mr. Donaldson is an artist guild member of The Arts Center of Clemson.

Future portraits could be produced at the rate of 1 to 2 per year as approved by Clemson City Council. The Arts & Culture Commission will help determine the artist and what legacy will be depicted in each portrait. Frames and hanging apparatus for the preferred size have been purchased for all portraits to ensure continuity of each 22"x28" portrait.

Pictured above: Jo Ann Abernathy, widow of late Mayor Larry W. Abernathy and Mayor J.C. Cook, III unveiling a portrait of Mayor Abernathy at a special ceremony on March 7, 2014.