Parking Downtown


The City of Clemson offers year-round parking in the Downtown Parking Deck facility located at 1 Keith Street, along College Avenue and Sloan Street. Daily parking meter rates are as follows:

Monday thru Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm $1.00 per two hours
.50 per hour
.25 per half hour
.10 per twelve minutes
.05 per 6 minutes
Limit of $2 for four hours at one time

“Shop Clemson” Tokens are available .50 per hour
Tokens are available in lots of $25 value for only $20

Reserved Parking is also available on a monthly leased basis for $90 per quarter (or $30/month). We are currently at maximum capacity for leased parking. We are no longer adding names to our waiting list, contact Lindsey Newton at (864) 653-2081.

FREE parking is offered Monday - Friday from 6:00am - 8:00am and 5:00pm - 3:30am
FREE parking is offered Saturday & Sunday from 6:00am - 3:30am
(Excludes Football Parking)

No Parking Monday thru Sunday 3:30am - 6:00am

*Football Parking in the Parking Deck is by permit only - We are currently on a wait list.  Due to the number of names currently on the Football Parking wait list, we have put a freeze on accepting any new names at this time *

$100/in town resident per season, $125/out of town/per season.

Email Football Parking inquiries to: Lindsey Newton