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Pendleton Route Continues

The 13 year old, highest opinion survey-rated CAT bus route operating between Clemson University, Pendleton and Tri-County Technical College will continue for another year!

Although formal ratification will not be approved by the Clemson City Council until their July 7th regular meeting, the Pendleton Route will not be interrupted at any time during the next ten days. The critical portion of the CATbus 4-U Route connecting Clemson University with Pendleton and Tri-County Technical College, known as the Pendleton Route, which was recently abandoned by Anderson County and potentially slated to stop running July 1, 2014, will now continue running thanks to the foresight and financial assistance exclusively from the new and additional investment of CAT’s operational partners. This is what makes the CAT partnership an outstanding service to the Upstate.

These partners recognize that investments in CATbus service is crucial to moving a region forward and getting things done for the communities they serve” said Al Babinicz, CAT CEO and General Manager, “ CATbus’ award winning Transit system carried nearly 1,900,000 passengers last year, the second largest transit system in South Carolina only behind Charleston. This included 150,000 passengers safely carried on the former CATbus 4-U route. Thanks to these partners who individually stepped up to the plate and hit a home run for all of the students, faculty, staff, visitors, seniors, veterans and workers who will now be able to continue with their normal commute between Clemson University, Pendleton and Tri-County Technical College without disrupting their lives.The Pendleton Route will also allow riders to transfer to the Electric City Transit route from Tri-County Technical College to the City of Anderson. Riders transferring to that route will be required to pay a fare upon boarding the Electric City Transit bus.

The Pendleton Route can now continue to operate as before: Monday thru Friday 6:50am – 6:20pm, serving the Hendrix Student Center and East Library Circle at Clemson University, Pendleton BI-LO, Tri- County Technical College, Pendleton Town Hall, Greenville Street Grocery, Tiger Town Village and more. CATbus riders on Seneca’s Express Bus coming from Seneca and Oconee County will be able to transfer onto CAT’s Pendleton Route bus at the Hendrix Student Center for Tri-County Technical College as before.The departure time has been changed at the Hendrix Student Center allowing improved connectivity with the CATbus Red Route.

During the coming year, CATbus will be working with its partners and federal grant sources to develop a dedicated and sustainable source of long term capital and operational funding which will continue to innovate and lead as the lowest cost, safest and most affordable transit system in South Carolina. According to Babinicz, “Everybody benefits from CATbus, even if they never use it because it reduces congestion, cuts air pollution, saves money, boosts economic development and improves everyone’s quality of life”.

Click here for the new Pendleton Schedule.

For detailed CATbus map and schedule information go to CATbus website or dial 864 654-2287.

For more information contact: Al Babinicz