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The City of Clemson Citizen Request system allows visitors to request information, submit requests for service, or submit comments for review.  An email is routed to the appropriate department upon submission of the request.  You must send the request using a valid email address or your request will be discarded from the system.  You will receive a confirmation email that we received your request within 48 hours of the request submission. 

NOTE: Requests entered after hours will be received by City staff by 8:30 a.m. the next business day.


Citizen Comments and Concerns
(Please click on the appropriate department below to submit your request.)


Administration (Click Here)

General Suggestion, Concerns and Questions


Central-Clemson Indoor Recreation Center (Click Here)


Clemson Area Transit (Click Here)


Clemson Police Department (Click Here)

Public Safety

Barking Dog Complaint

Crime Tips


Lost & Found

Noise Violations

Parking Violations

Speeding in a Neighborhood

Stray Animals

Traffic Tip


Engineering (Click Here)


Finance and Utility Billing (Click Here)


Municipal Court (Click Here)


Parks and Recreation (Click Here)

Parks and Recreation

Park Damage

Park Facility Reservation

Park Lighting or Sign

Playground Damage

Playing Field or Court Damage


Highway Landscaping Maintenance

Mow Right-of-Way

Mulch Delivery

Tree Service

Planning and Codes (Click Here)

Building and Code Enforcement

Accessory Structure Violation

Building Code Violation

Construction Site Violation

Excessive Number of Animals at a Residence

Excessive Storage or Debris in Outdoor Space

Illegal Business in Residential Area

Illegal Fence

Improper Disposal of Yard Debris

Junk or Abandoned Vehicles

Multiple Familes in a Dwelling

No Building Permit or Certificate of Occupancy

No Business License

Occupancy Violations

Other - Code Violations Not Listed

Parking in Yard

Scrap Tires Improperly Disposed Of

Sign Ordinance Violation

Tall Grass or Weeds

Trash or Litter in Right-of-Way

Trash or Litter on Private Property

Unregistered Residential Rental Property

Unregistered Vehicle on Private Property


Public Works (Click Here)

Highways and Streets

Catch Basin and Storm Drain Repair

Curb and Gutter Repair

Line of Sight Obstruction

Pothole/Asphalt Repair

Sidewalk Installation Request

Sidewalk Repair

Street Improvements

Street Light Out

Street Name Signs

Street Sweeping

Traffic Signals/Signs

Sanitation and Recycling

Appliance, Furniture, and other Item Collection

Dead Animal Removal

Leaf or Yard Debris Pickup

Miscellaneous Sanitation Request, Comment, or Suggestion

Missed Garbage Pickup


Request Recycling Bin

Request Rollout Trash Container

Yard Waste Pickup


Utilities (Click Here)

Water and Sewer Utilities (For water turn-ons/turn-offs please contact 864.653.2035)

Discoloration or Dirt in Water

Fire Hydrant Repair

Meter Missing Lid

No Water

Other - Water/Sewer Repair

Sewer Leak or Backup

Sewer Manhole Overflow

Sewer Odor

Stormwater Concern

Storm Drainage/Erosion

Utility Cut Repair

Utility Landscape

Water Main Break

Water Meter Leak

Water Pressure - Low/High

Yard Repair by Utility Workers