Can I receive an adjustment on the sewer portion of my utility bill if I am filling my pool? 
Please write a letter to the city with your name, address, account number, dates when the pool was filled, reading before and after, and approximately how may gallons it took to fill.
How long do I have after my bill is mailed out before I receive a late fee or disconnection of serve?
Payment in full is due within 15 calendar days from the date of the bill. After this date, the account is considered delinquent and a 10% late charge is added.
Past due accounts are subject to service disconnection 21 calendar days from the mail date printed on the utility bill.
How do I terminate/disconnect my utility services?
In order to terminate your existing utility services, please call customer service at 864-653-2084 or you may come in. When terminating services you will be asked to verify your name, service address, and social security number. Please allow 3 business days’ notice when requesting termination
If I have a leak, can I get an adjustment for my bill?
Proof of the leak is required, such as a plumber’s statement, inspection by a City official and/or other necessary documentation to substantiate the problem. The highest consumption in the period the leak occurred will be used as consideration for an adjustment, provided the customer takes immediate action to correct the problem. No more than two consecutive billing periods will be used for adjustment calculations. Leaking or broken appliances and plumbing fixtures and/or carelessness of leaving water running through a spigot or valve are not considered grounds for an adjustment.
What is this DHEC charge on my bill?
In 1993, the Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) began charging the City an annual fee for water testing. This fee is based on the number of water meters in use. The City passes the fee through to its customers as an annual surcharge on the customer’s utility bill.