Historical Trail Tour at Woodburn Historical House

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Historical Tour

Recent discoveries at Woodburn Historical House (HWY. 76, across from Tri-County Tech. College, Pendleton) are shedding new light on how the former plantation’s farm was operated. The foundations of the horse barn, the blacksmith’s shop, and an 1880’s bunkhouse have been uncovered, as well as a portion of the old quartz road, below ground cistern and horse trough, the ruins of the creamery and calving barn, and several mounting blocks. A replica of a slave / tenant farmer cabin has also been built near the “big house”.

To give area residents an opportunity to walk the historical trail, the Foundation is offering a guided trail tour on Saturday, Feb. 18, at 10 AM. Admission is $3. Anyone wishing to tour Woodburn Museum Home may do so at 11:30. Admission to the house is $6 for ages 11 and over and $2 for ages 5-10. Everyone should dress warmly, especially those wishing to tour the house.

The ½ mile round trip walking trail is an easy walk going down, but, a moderate hike traveling back up, so sturdy walking shoes or hiking boots are recommended.

The Pendleton Historic Foundation owns and operates two antebellum style historic homes – Ashtabula and Woodburn. Both homes are currently open for tours by appointment only. For more information on the Foundation or to schedule tours or events, call (864) 646-7249 or visit

Pictured above: Reproduction of Slave Quarters at Woodburn.