2024 Comprehensive Master Plan

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Envision Clemson! Participate in Clemson's master plan. It's easy & it matters!
The City would like to thank all those who have filled out the City-wide Survey. A total of 385 responses have been collected electronically and through paper copies distributed throughout the city. These responses are being compiled and will distributed to the Comprehensive Planning Element Committees. These committees will use the results while they work to create Clemson's vision for the next ten years! 
For a more thorough look at the Comprehensive Planning Process Click Here
The Cultural Resource Committee, Town & Gown Committee, and Housing Committee for the 2024 Comprehensive Plan have begun meeting. Each committee hopes to have a draft of their element completed by the end of March.
If you'd still like to be a part of Comprehensive Planning process, there are still opportunities to sign up to be on a Committee. Please fill out the Sign Up form and return it to Planning and Codes Dempartment