2024 Comprehensive Plan



The City of Clemson's 2024 Comprehensive Plan


The City of Clemson Planning Commission has spent 2014 updating the City's Comprehensive Plan with the help of numerous City residents, boards and commission memebers, and staff. The 2024 Comprehensive Plan draft that will be presented before the Planning Commission on November 10, 2014 for recommendation to City Council is found below.


Chapter 1: Intro and Overview  *DRAFT

Chapter 2: Citizen Participation  *DRAFT

Chapter 3: Population Element  *DRAFT

Chapter 4: Economic Element  *DRAFT

Chapter 5: Cultural Resources Element  *DRAFT

Chapter 6: Housing Element  *DRAFT

Chapter 7: Natural Resources Element  *DRAFT

Chatper 8: Transportation Element  *DRAFT

Chapter 9: Town & Gown Element  *DRAFT

Chapter 10: Community Facility Element  *DRAFT

Chapter 11: Priority Investment Element  *DRAFT

Chapter 12: Land Use Element  *DRAFT

Appendix A: Citywide Survey *DRAFT