Board of Architectural Review


The Board of Architectural Review is a seven member board established with the following powers (responsibilities):

  • Review new construction within established Architectural Overlay Districts.
  • Review new construction, exterior renovations, and new signs within the General Commercial District.
  • Review new construction within other areas as designated by ordinance

Meetings are scheduled for the first Thursday of each month provided there are agenda requests. Requests to appear in front of this board are made through the Zoning and Codes Administrator using specified forms (link to appropriate forms) with a deadline for the submission. Details regarding protocol for meetings, submissions, documents, etc. are available by calling the Zoning and Codes Administrator at 653-2050. Board members are city residents appointed by City Council for a four year term.  Specific criteria for certain board members are required (Insert Section 19-503 b). 

Current Board Members:

  • Curtis Arnold
  • Jane Brown
  • Russell Hebert III
  • Anderson "Alley" Linder
  • Davis Moorhead
  • Robert Seel