FACT SHEETS Proposed Zoning Changes by Zoning District



The following links provide a summary of proposed changes by zoning district.


 Fact Sheet # 1:  General Information

Fact Sheet #2: R-20, Single-Family Residential & R-12, Single-Family Residential

Fact Sheet #3: RM-1, Two-Family Residential

Fact Sheet #4: RM-2, Two-Family Residential

Fact Sheet #5: RM-3, Multi-Family Residential

Fact Sheet #6: RM-4, Multi-Family Residential

Fact Sheet #7: C, General Commercial

Fact Sheet #8: CP-1, Neighborhood Commercial to CM, Commercial Mixed-Use

Fact Sheet #9: CP-1, Neighborhood Commercial

Fact Sheet #10: RLC, Research Limited Commercial to CM, Commercial Mixed-Use

Fact Sheet #11: CP-2, Community Business

Fact Sheet #12: CP-3, Highway Service District

Fact Sheet #13: OC, Office Commercial to OP, Office Professional

Fact Sheet #14: RIL, Research, Institutional, Light Industrial

Fact Sheet #15: M, Manufacturing

Fact Sheet #16: Architectural Review Districts


There are two new proposed districts which currently have no properties zoned or planned to be assigned that zoning designation. Until a rezoning request is made by a property owner the following districts will remain "floating zones". There are no fact sheets for these districts. The standards for Residential districts can be found HERE. The standards for Non-residential districts can be found HERE.

RM-3.5, Multi-Family Residential

OR, Outdoor Recreation


There are NO proposed changes to any Planned Development. This includes: Patrick Square, Village at Berkeley, Aspen Heights, Clemson Town Center, Morrison Annex, The Retreat, Sleepy Hollow, The Orchard, Issaqueena Trail/Clemson Home Center PD, Clemson Towers, Village Walk, Berkeley Place, The Woodlands, Sunset at Valley Walk, and Clemson Professional Development PUD.


The following maps show the proposed changes to the Zoning Map near Downtown Clemson: