Permit Process


In order to obtain a permit, you must...

  • Determine the zoning of the property to assure the proposed use is permitted by City code.
  • Submit survey of property
  • Show proposed building and/or addition
  • Submit 2 sets of construction drawings
  • Submit completed Building Permit application
  • Pay Plan Review fee (if applicable)
  • Submit Grading Application/Fee (if applicable)
  • Submit Driveway Encroachment Permit (if applicable)
  • Plans Reviewed by City staff
  • Required changes to plans provided to applicant if necessary
  • Revise plans submitted/reviewed/approved
  • Impact fees paid
  • Business license is required for all contractors (documentation is required)
  • Building permit fee paid
  • Permit issued
  • Required inspections (foundation, rough-in, and final-plus others as needed)
  • Specialty permits applications for electrical, plumbing, and mechanical
  • Fees assessed for each
  • Business license is required for specialty contractors prior to permits being issued
  • Inspections required
  • Once all work is completed and approved, a Certificate of Occupancy (CO) is issued (if applicable)

The process outlined is basic in nature. Commercial and multi-family projects generally require additional steps and/or documentation. Please call to discuss your project as soon as possible.

Click here to download permit applications and a permit fee schedule.