Planning Commission Meeting: April 13, 2015



City of Clemson Planning Commission Regular Meeting

Monday, April 13, 2015, at 6:00 p.m.

1250 Tiger Blvd, Ste. 2

City Hall—City Council Chamber 


1.            Call to Order

2.            Public Session

3.            Adoption of Minutes:  March 9, 2015.

4.            Advisory/Action Items

  1. 2015-R-02 Proposed Planned Development and zoning map amendment request by Collegiate Development Group, LLC. at Fendley Street and Earle Street for a total of 3.72 acres to develop a mixed-use commercial/residential developmentTraffic Study link.
  2. 2015-R-11 Proposed text amendment to Section 19-405. Subparagraphs A.1.a.1), A.e.a.2) and A.1.a.3) for conditional use and special exception standards for non-residential districts to clarify language governing the requirement for grade level uses in mixed-use structures. 
  3. 2015-R-12 Proposed zoning map amendment request by Property Quest, LLC / Michael Newton to rezone 209 Kelly Rd (PIN 4054-18-32-7189) from CP-2 to RM4.
  4. 2015-S-07 Review the previous failed motion for a minor subdivision at 108 Fort Rutledge PIN: 4043-16-74-5489.
  5. 2015-S-16 Review a proposed variance request from Thomas Kearse for property located at 108 Fort Rutledge PIN: 4043-16-74-5489.
  6. 2015-S-08 A proposed amendment to the Land Development Regulations to prohibit Flag Lots and provide a definition of Flag Lot.

5.            Discussion Items

6.            Adjourn