Planning Commission Meeting: December 8, 2014




City of Clemson Planning Commission Regular Meeting

Monday, December 8, 2014, at 6:00 p.m.

1250 Tiger Blvd, Ste. 2

City Hall—City Council Chamber  


  1. Call to Order
  1. Public Session
  1. Adoption of Minutes:  Minutes from November 10, 2014.
  1. Advisory/Action Items
  1. 2014-S-45: Request from applicant Thomas Winkopp to subdivide two parcels totaling 0.753 acres into 10 townhouse lots fronting N. Clemson St. The parcels are 306 N. Clemson St. (PIN: 4044-19-52-2125) and 310 N. Clemson St. (PIN: 4044-19-52-1122).
  2. 2014-R-24: Request to amend Section 19-404 Table 19-404-1 to correct the minimum front setback requirements in CM Districts from 0ft to 8ft to correspond with the minimum 8ft front bufferyard requirement.
  3. 2014-R-25: Request to amend Section 19-405, Table 19-405.A.1.a to clarify the conditional use standards for required commercial frontage in mixed-use structures in C and CM Districts.
  4. 2014-R-26: Request to correct a Scribner Error in Section 19-634 Application Requirements to correct the lettering scheme.
  5. 2014-R-27: Request to correct a Scribner Error in Section 19-501.N.6.
  6. 2014-R-28: Request to clarify rear façade step-back requirements in AR-2 Districts.
  1. Discussion Items
    1. 2014-R-23: Discuss amending timing and distance from property lines for Electronic Message Board Signs.
    2. Discuss adding languages to allow for special signage for signs on publicly owned property identifying civic places. 
    3. Discuss adding temporary signs for “Coming Soon Businesses” as an allowed use.
    4. Discuss amending elementary school parking standards to be less restrictive.
    5. Discuss amending parking standards for residential units in C and CM to require greater parking.
  1. Adjourn