Proposed Zoning Ordinance Rewrite

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Proposed Zoning Ordinance Rewrite

For several years the Planning and Codes Department has been working on a complete overhaul of the City’s Zoning Ordinance. Community members, Planning Commissioners, City Council, and City staff have spent hundreds of hours  updating the zoning ordinance to reflect the needs of the community and the Comprehensive Plan. Fact Sheet summaries of proposed district changes and a copy of the proposed ordinance can be found below.


To find out the current zoning designation of a property click HERE


FACT SHEETS for the summary of changes in each zone may be found HERE


Prior to calling the Planning and Codes Department, please see the Frequently Asked Questions to see if your concern has already been addressed. FAQ's may be found here.


There are NO proposed changes to any Planned Development. This includes: Patrick Square, Village at Berkeley, Aspen Heights, Clemson Town Center, Stone Ledge, Morrison Annex, The Retreat, Sleepy Hollow, The Orchard, Issaqueena Trail/Clemson Home Center PD, Clemson Towers, Village Walk, Berkeley Place, The Woodlands, Sunset at Valley Walk, and Clemson Professional Development PUD.


****The following is a draft****

***UPDATED MAY 20, 2014***

653-2050, Director, Planner, Zoning and Codes Administrator


Table of Contents - DRAFT

Article I- Adoption and Interpretation - DRAFT

Article II- Zoning Districts and Official Zoning Map - DRAFT

Artivle III- Residential Districts - DRAFT

Article IV- Non-residential Districts - DRAFT

Article V- Planning Development Districts (PD) - DRAFT

Article VI- General and Supplemental Regulations - DRAFT

Article VII- Sign Regulations - DRAFT

Article VIII- Off-Street Parking Regulations - DRAFT

Article IX- Bufferyards, Screening, and Landscaping Specifications - DRAFT

Article X- Lighting Standards - DRAFT

Article XI- Architectural Review - DRAFT

Article XII- Administration - DRAFT

Article XIII- Appeals - DRAFT

Article XIV- Amendment - DRAFT

Proposed Zoning Map - DRAFT