What is my property zoned?



To find out how your property is currently zoned please follow the instructions below.

**If you own property in the City of Clemson and are in Anderson County, your property is zoned "R-20, Single-Household Residential"**


I own property in Pickens County. What is my property zoned?? 


Click HERE to search by name for your property's zoning designation or click HERE to search by address.  You will be redirected to the Pickens County Tax Assessor’s website.


1. Type in your name/street number and street name:


     - You may have to try different combinations of capitalization to pull up the property (example: Tiger OR tiger)

     - Do Not input "Street Type", "Street Direction", or "Unit Number"


2. Click the "Account Number" for the property you are searching:


3. Your zoning designation will be on the text box on the left side of the screen.

4. Double check to make sure your zone matches the zoning designation on the Official City of Clemson Zoning Map.


***The Official City of Clemson Zoning Map shows the official zoning. Where the map and Pickens County records differ, always refer to the Official City of Clemson Zoning Map. ***


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