Safety is our message.

Safety is our message!


Safety is the responsibility of everyone. There are things that should be done during your semester, and things that should be done while away for semester breaks. Please help us protect you and your property by following the tips I’ve listed below.

Home Security

·         Record the serial numbers and list the valuables you have within your residence. Take photos of your valuables and jewelry.

·         If not already there, install deadbolt locks on all exterior doors.

·         Secure all windows by pinning or additional locks.

·         Do not leave notes advertising your return home in visible areas for others to view.

·         NEVER open your door to a stranger. Always lock your doors and windows when leaving.

·         Report all suspicious activity or persons to the Police Department.


Vehicle Security

·         Remove all items of value that can be seen inside your vehicle.

·         Lock your car and take your keys.

·         Park in well lighted areas.

·         Have your car keys in your hand ready to unlock your car, especially at night.


When Leaving for Breaks

·         Lock all doors and windows. Leave the shades and blinds in their usual positions.

·         Take expensive (valuable) items with you: jewelry, laptops, iPads, and gaming systems.

·         Make sure larger valuable items like TV’s, portable microwaves, etc., are marked with your ID.

·         Do not leave keys to your residence anywhere outside the property.

·         Unplug all extension cords and electrical items that can be unplugged prior to leaving.

·         Have a friend or neighbor staying in your area during break check your residence from time to time while you are away. Make sure they have a phone number to contact you.

·         If you receive mail, make sure it is temporarily stopped or you have someone picking it up. Don’t allow mail to accumulate while you are away. This is a sure sign that no one is at home.


If you have any comments or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at 864-624-2000. Have a great summer.