Drinking Water Discoloration, Taste and Odor Issues

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Drinking Water Discoloration, Taste and Odor Issues

Over the past several weeks, the City of Clemson has experienced discoloration, also referred to as turbidity, in our drinking water due to a water line break at Anderson Regional Joint Water System, ARJWS.  ARJWS has flushed the transmission lines feeding all of the water providers who purchase water from ARJWS and is now delivering water that is clear of discoloration. The City of Clemson has vigorously flushed our water system over the past several weeks to help improve the water quality in Clemson, SC.  As of July 21, 2014, the water quality has improved in Clemson with only a few reports of discoloration caused by pockets of dirty water that may be left in the system. The City of Clemson will continue flushing water lines in Clemson to ensure that the best quality water available is provided to its customers. 

The taste and odor issues that the ARJWS has been experiencing should improve within the next few weeks due to a Powdered Activated Carbon, PAC, system that was installed at the Anderson Regional Water System’s water treatment plant.  ARJWS is currently adjusting the PAC dosage to treat the water in the most effective manner to improve taste and odor for the nearly 200,000 ARJWS customers.

If you have any questions concerning this issue, please contact the City of Clemson Utilities Department at 864-653-2046