Obtain Sewer Line Specifications


1. All sanitary sewer work shall be constructed to lines and grades shown and as detailed on the drawings. The contractor shall provide City of Clemson approved standard pre-cast manholes at all bends and changes in grade in sewer lines and connections to existing sewer lines. Pipe bedding and backfill shall be carefully controlled. All sanitary sewer work shall comply with local codes and ordinances, and OSHA regulations. The design engineer, City of Clemson and South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control, (SC DHEC), must inspect and approve and permit all sewer work before being put in service.

2. All work shall be constructed in strict accordance with the plans, specifications and instructions given by the owner’s representative, SCDHEC, and the City of Clemson. The City of Clemson has delegated review authority and the City’s written approval must be obtained before plans are submitted to SC DHEC.

3. A pre-construction conference with the contractor, design engineer, City of Clemson Utilities/Engineering and SCDHEC will be held prior to sewer line construction.

4. All work shall be inspected by the City of Clemson and SCDHEC before the approval to operate is issued. AS-BUILT drawings shall be supplied to the City of Clemson in both paper and electronic format before the City of Clemson’s final utility approval is issued.

5. All work shall carry minimum of one year warranty of as prescribed by the City of Clemson before the City assumes line maintenance.

6. An encroachment permit for street right-of way shall be filed with the Department of Public Works before construction starts.

7. The contractor shall be responsible for repairs to existing roads used by his operation. The contractor shall remove dirt, mud and debris from highway/roadway.

8. All sanitary sewer pipe shall be ductile iron pipe (DIP) or poly-vinyl chloride (P.V.C.) pipe type SDR 35 unless specified by the City of Clemson. All sewer service taps shall be DIP or Schedule 40 depending upon application.

9. Each joint shall be clearly and legibly marked with the manufacturer’s name or identifying symbol.

10. The City of Clemson shall be furnished with a letter of certification from the pipe supplier that all P.V.C. has been stored inside from the time of manufacture.

11. A minimum of 4 feet of cover shall be maintained over all P.V.C. pipe.

12. Only manhole taps will be acceptable, unless approved by the City of Clemson.

13. Ductile iron pipe, class 50, shall be used in all above ground or shallow line installations and road crossings. Ductile iron pipe may be required on other projects at the City of Clemson’s discretion, (at depths over 12’ & other specified times.)

14. All excavation shall be compacted in 1’ layers and shall be clean. Backfill in road R/W shall be 95% Std. Proctor. Backfill out of road R/W shall be 90% Std. Proctor.

15. All sewer lines shall be air tested and must conform to ASTM C828. Certain or all lines may require water testing in conjunction with air testing. A mandrel may be required to be used in all sewer lines at the City of Clemson’s discretion.

16. Reinforced pre-cast manholes with formed inverts shall be used whenever possible. Manholes shall have pre-cast inverts and rubber manhole pipe boots for the appropriate pipe sizes. Manholes shall be vacuum tested.

17. Requirements for manholes without pre-cast inverts and rubber manhole pipe boots. Straight (grade and alignment) through M.H. P.V.C. pipe shall be laid instead of brick invert. Pipe shall be cut so joint does not hit M.H. The top of fourth section of pipe shall be evenly cut out after bench is poured.

18. If an invert must be poured in a manhole the bench may contain concrete bricks in concrete mix.

19. Reinforced riser rings shall be used for adjustment of ring to surface. In no case may this riser section be over 12 inches.

20. Traffic duty rated M.H. frames and covers shall be used and weigh approximately 200 pounds and 12- pounds, respectively. All covers shall be vented unless otherwise specified. All surfaces of frame and cover shall be bituminous coated.

22. The contractor is responsible for top elevation of all M.H. covers to meet the finish grade of the asphalt.

23. Any manhole located off the road or highway shall be raised approximately one foot above finish grade

24. A drop of 18 inches maximum from the point of sewage entrance to the point of sewage overflow is permitted provided the invert is sloped from the entrance point to the outflow point.

25. Service taps shall be ductile iron pipe or Schedule 40 PVC pipe. All taps shall be clearly marked and stubbed up on a 45 degree angle at the appropriate lot. Metal stakes/fence posts shall be used to mark the location of each tap.

26. The City of Clemson shall be legally granted a minimum 20’ easement for off public rights-of-way sewer lines. Greater widths may be required due to depths of bury of the lines.