Obtain Water Line Specifications


1. All ductile iron water lines shall be Class 350. Each joint shall be clearly and legibly marked with the manufacturer’s name or identifying symbol. Special circumstances may require a different pipe as specified by the City.

2. All highway borings shall use ductile iron pipe with steel casing. “Pipe spiders” shall be used to center the pipe in the casing and distribute weight.

3. All above ground swale crossings will be made with ductile iron pipe.

4. All water lines shall have a minimum 3’ – 0” cover.

5. All water line trenches shall be compacted with clean fill in 1’ layers to 95% Std. Proctor in road R/W and 90% Std. Proctor otherwise.

6. All water line trenches shall have detector tape and installed 1’ above pipe and wire installed form valve box to valve box.

7. All valves shall be AWWA approved non-rising stem, mechanical joint, epoxy coated cast iron by Mueller, U.S. Pipe, Clow or M & H.

8. All valve boxes shall be screw type, cast iron with cast iron cover.

9. Valve boxes not in the road shall have a concrete collar.

10. The city shall be legally granted a minimum 20’ service easement.

11. All water lines shall maintain a 10’ horizontal and a 2’ vertical clearance between it and a sanitary sewer line.

12. All 6”water line blow offs shall be at least 2 inches, larger sizes require a larger blow off to be determined by the design engineer,

13. All service taps shall be “K” copper as shown on Figures 1 & 2. Service taps shall be sleeved with PVC pipe under roadways and areas where the pipe can wear.

14. All water lines shall be pressure tested to 200 PSI, cleaned, sterilized and flushed until two acceptable water samples are obtained. Per DHEC specifications. At all turns, bends, connections shall have mega-lugs and appropriate thrust blocks. Rodding shall be used as deemed necessary.

15. All water lines shall be inspected by the City of Clemson and the design engineer and certified by SCDHEC before acceptance and a permit to operate will be issued.

16. The contractor shall notify the City of Clemson 72 hours before any tapping of an existing line.

17. All work shall carry a minimum of one year warranty or as prescribed by the City of Clemson before the City assumes line maintenance.

18. A pre-construction conference with the contractor, owner, and the City of Clemson will be held prior to water line construction.

19. Hydrant barrels shall be painted red and hydrant dome shall be painted reflective white.

20. No trees or shrubs shall be planted within 10 feet of a water main.

21. No shrubs shall be planted within 6 feet of a fire hydrant, no trees within 10 feet.

22. All fire hydrants shall be three-way Mueller Centurion, 10” & larger - 5.25” opening, 6” & 8” line – 4.5” opening.

23. All fire hydrants shall be mega lugged, rodded, and have thrust blocks.

24. As-built drawings shall be submitted to the City of Clemson before final approval is given.

25. The City of Clemson reserves the right to charge for extensive use of water. Actual use shall be estimated and billed at the standard water rate.

26. All work shall be inspected by the City of Clemson and SCDHEC before the approval to operate is issued. AS-BUILT drawings shall be supplied to the City of Clemson in both paper and electronic format before the City of Clemson’s final utility approval is issued.