Sewer Rehabilitation Projects


The City of Clemson Utilities Department has been replacing sewer lines since 1986. We have areas that still need to be replaced due to poor pipe and manhole conditions. Rehabilitation projects may include the following: televising and cleaning existing lines; excavations to reconnect service lines from the residence or repair the main sewer; installing new manholes or rehabilitating existing manholes; pipe-bursting, (installing new lines inside of old sewer lines).

We may have to remove fence sections, trees or vegetation to gain access to backyard public utility easements. We occasionally smoke test the sewer main or service lines to ensure proper connections (non-toxic smoke can enter homes if the private pipes are cracked or not sealed or a trap or pipe is dry inside a house or business); We will restore the surface along the easement and plant grass or install mulch planting to reasonably restore public easements upon completion of work, but we will not restore trees or shrubs planted in the right-of-way.