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June 2017 Water Taste and Odor

June 2017 Water Taste and Odor

Anderson Regional Joint Water System's Lake Hartwell source water has experienced a naturally occurring algal bloom that is producing undesireable taste and odor in the water supply.  The algae are producing two compounds that, while not harmful to human health, produce an earthy taste and aroma many find objectionable. Rigorous testing provides assurance that the water remains safe for all uses. 

An algaecide treatment conducted by licensed applicators was applied to approximately 80 acres of the Six and Twenty branch of Lake Hartwell near the water treatment plant with the goal of reducing the concentration of algae. Maximum treatment effectiveness may take approximately 5 days. Additional water samples were collected at 3 and 5 days following treatment. Results of those same analyses will inform future treatment alternatives. 

The Joint Water System will continue to monitor and adjust treatment options to provide the best water possible. Environmental conditions in the lake are expected to be conducive to future algal growth over the summertime period. Construction is presently underway on a pre-treatment facility that will enhance the water treatment plant's ability to address future source water issues. The pre-treatment facility will be completed by Spring 2018, in time to address the 2018 algal growing season.

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