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Arts and Culture Commission

The City of Clemson Arts and Culture Commission serves as an advocate for the arts and as an advisory body to the mayor and the city council. The commission is responsible for reviewing and directing the development of public art initiatives and for providing visionary leadership in order to advance arts for the City and its citizens. As such, the Commission will make recommendations on a variety of arts and culture issues regarding, but not limited to:

     (1) Policies, priorities, and plans for promoting, advancing, and maintaining public art projects and programs in Clemson;

     (2) Development of an annual arts and cultural calendar for the city, which shall include all relevant events and activities that are hosted by Clemson area art organizations and entities;

     (3) Encouraging the promotion of South Carolina artists in city art projects by setting annual goals to be identified in an arts and cultural plan to be approved by city council;

     (4) Encouraging citizen input and involvement in the design and selection of artists for public art projects and programs;

     (5) Coordinating with the private sector and other governmental agencies in promoting arts and cultural excellence as a tool for the encouragement of economic development, business relocation and tourism; and

     (6) Organizing and promoting public art projects and programs that celebrate the city and its unique cultural heritage.


Click here to view the City of Clemson Public Art Plan (Adopted September 2017).

Click Here to read full municipal code for the establishment of the Arts and Culture Commission for the City of Clemson.

Arts and Culture Commission Meetings