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LED Message Board Policy

The purpose of the Community Access Message Board is to make public notices and inform citizens of upcoming community events.  As space allows, the City will use the message board to promote “qualifying community events” on a first come-first served basis.  Priority will be given to City events and notices.  A community event is defined as any charitable, educational, cultural or recreational event taking place in the City of Clemson and is sponsored by one of the pre-approved nonprofit organizations.   Nonprofits can become approved organizations by making a request to the Clemson City Council.


  • Each message will be reviewed by the City of Clemson for conformance with eligibility and content guidelines.
  • Priority is given first to City events and Information.
  • Messages may be submitted to the Administration Department in person, by fax or email. Messages must be submitted in text format only.
  • Messages must be submitted as least 1 week prior to the scheduled event. 
  • All messages are subject to editing and condensation
  • Messages may not be posted more than 15 consecutive days
  • Each message displayed shall remain fixed for a minimum of 15 seconds


  • Solicitation of funds or promoting the sale of products other than for eligible organizations
  • Unauthorized use of copyrighted information or trademarking
  • No message will be approved that is illegal, sexually explicit, offensive, or obscene, or those that violate any of the City’s equal opportunity or anti-discrimination /harassment policies. 
  • Advertising or promoting businesses, group fundraisers or events that do not serve a cultural, social, or education purpose or promote the general health and welfare of the community.
  • Commercial postings
  • Political notices/petitions except for those required by law
  • Personal notices


The Community Access Message Board is provided as a free public service.  Therefore, while the City shall endeavor to ensure messages are transmitted accurately and in a timely manner, the City assumes no liability in connection with non-city message board material and makes no warranties or representations that any message will in fact be transmitted accurately or at any particular time.  The responsibility for the factual accuracy of the information as submitted rests with the originator of the information.