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Issues at 114 Earle Street

Issues at 114 Earle Street

On Wednesday evening, August 14th, the City of Clemson was made aware of concerns regarding the apartments at 114 Earle Street. This property has been undergoing remediation of building settlement issues identified last year. It was recently discovered that the settling that was thought to have stopped is, in fact, continuing in some spots. This prompted City staff to meet this morning with the site construction manager, the property manager, and structural engineer to assess the situation and ensure the safety of our citizens. The differential of the settlement is between ½” and ¾” but exceeds the expected range of normal settlement and is outside the comfort zone of both the City and the structural engineer that designed the project. Therefore, because of life-safety concerns resulting from potential trip hazards and emergency access issues the affected areas are being evacuated. This results in 95 bedrooms being vacated. Tenants of the impacted units have or will be notified and are being told to not expect the issue to be resolved and repairs to be completed until the end of the year. Other than those units being vacated, all other units, common areas, and the parking deck are deemed to be structurally sound. The City will monitor the situation to ensure the continued safety of our citizens but the City will not get involved in contractual matters or disputes between landlords and tenants. The City is not aware of what plans the property manager has or will make in regard to finding substitute living arrangements for those being displaced. Any questions or queries regarding this matter should be directed to Christy Marett at Earle Street Apartments by calling 864-643-4455.

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