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Highway 93 Closures

Highway 93 Closures

Clemson University road work

Clemson University is doing more work on Highway 93 from Palmetto Smokehouse to the Esso Club. This will involve multiple lane closures and will include some periods of complete closure. The work will continue into Spring. The University recently updated their blog which outlines the proposed work schedule and how it will impact those traversing that section of Highway 93. This blog will be routinely updated as more information is available. You can view the blog by using the link below. Clemson University owns this section of roadway and the City has little to no influence on their decisions. We are asking for their cooperation in helping to keep our citizens informed. Any concerns related to the impact of this work should be directed to the University.

Our contractors have continued to build on the progress made during Spring Break by beginning to pave temporary asphalt ahead of schedule along westbound Hwy. 93. As of our project meeting this morning, they anticipate having temp. paving completed up to the Gentry Hall/Amici Building by April 5th. This would allow for a westward shift of the traffic control barricades as well. ALL 4 LANES will be open on Hwy. 93 for the Spring Game on April 6th, and the Ring Ceremony on April 7th.

The following is the FINAL PAVING SCHEDULE! Please keep in mind that this schedule is subject to change based on weather delays and/or unforeseen challenges outside of University control, or that of our contractors. Also worth noting, the approximated timelines of each Phase provided includes a 7 day waiting period between when the asphalt is laid and our contractor is able to stipe (paint) the traffic lines. If you notice paving is complete, but there are still barricades blocking the area for several days – it’s because they to wait 7 days before the new asphalt is able to support the weight of a vehicle. You’ll also find a visual aid of each Phase attached.

  • Phase I: April 8 – April 21 (or late April) area between Mell Hall and Williamson Road.

In order to final pave the southern (lower) 2 lanes of Hwy. 93, they actually need to close off 3 lanes to provide enough room for their equipment. There will still be 1 northern (top) lane of westbound traffic open to travelers.

  • Phase II: April 22 (or late April) – May 6 (or early May) area between Mell Hall and Williamson Road.

With the lower 2 lanes completed, the traffic pattern will shift, allowing westbound traffic to use 1 southern (bottom) lane while the remaining 2 northern (upper) lanes are being paved. Access to/from Hillcrest at Hwy. 93 will only be closed for 2 to 3 days for paving during this timeframe in late April. Specific info will be provided in advance of the closure once a more definitive date is established based on overall progress.

  • May 9th and 10th: All lanes re-opened for Graduation.
  • Phase III: May 13 – May 26 (or late May) area between Mell Hall and Sherman Street.

Milling and final paving of this area during the two week window between Graduation and the Summer Semester beginning. There will be several days during this timeframe that experience full closures, and others where only rolling traffic control will be in place. More info will be provided as this Phase approaches.

  • Phase IV: Following Phase III. Area between Williamson Rd. and Centennial Blvd.

As of now, the details of this phase are still being coordinated. An agreed upon plan will be established in the coming weeks.

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