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Codes - Existing, Proposed, Challenges, Standards FAQs

How is a standard or code adopted?

  • The Planning Commission develops proposed zoning ordinances/codes – whether a new codes or amendment to an existing codes. The Planning Commission records their insights and recommendations.
  • Proposed ordinances with Planning Commission recommendations are then submitted to City Council for review and clarification.
  • The public then reviews and comments on the proposed codes via at least one publicized public session.
  • After public input, the elected City Council may utilize additional public hearings (if deemed necessary or appropriate) and holds 2 readings of the proposed code to debate the issues, makes revisions, and then vote the codes in or out.
  • If voted “in” by City Council, the codes become law.
  • Once a code becomes law, the role of City staff is to enforce the code. City staff does not set the code. City staff does not have a vote on the code. City staff follows the code. Codes are established through the will of the citizens via their votes for City Council. Staff does not make the rules nor can staff change the rules once they have been established.

How can I propose, challenge, or change a code or standard?

To propose, challenge, or change a code or standard a person must request a hearing with the Planning Commission. They will listen to your proposal and make a recommendation to City Council who will then determine if they wish to proceed. If City Council chooses to advance the proposal there will be a public input session followed by two readings of the proposal before being adopted as law. For an application to get on the Planning Commission agenda click here.

Where can I view a copy of the city codes and ordinances?

To view the complete City Zoning Ordinance click here.

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