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Keeping Our City Safe

SC Fire Sprinkler Law 40-10

The City of Clemson Planning and Codes Department along with the State Fire Marshal Office will be applying the SC Fire Sprinkler Law 40-10 for any new construction or upfits to sprinkler systems on any new or existing buildings.  The City of Clemson Fire Marshal will provide the contractor with a completed and signed form upon request with instructions for requesting the review.  Our goal is to work with and improve communications with the State Fire Marshal Office regarding notification of plans and contractor documentation.

The goal of this new form is to provide The Office of the State Fire Marshal (OSFM) with contact information for the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) so that they may be included in project communication and to ask that the AHJ not allow the sprinkler work to begin until after plans have been approved by OSFM.  The City of Clemson is obligated to educate contractors and require that a Fire Sprinkler System Shop Specification Sheet (FSSSS) be submitted at the very beginning of the project before a building permit is issued.

SC Fire Sprinkler Law 40-10

The SC Fire Sprinkler Law is found in SC Code of Law 40-10.  The law was written without regard to the scope of a job and it requires that EVERY sprinkler system have:

 1.  a FSSSS (Spec Sheet) becompleted and made part of bid documents and submitted to the AHJ before the project is issued building permits;

 2.  shop drawings developed by a SC Licensed Contractor;

 3.  a review of the shop drawings by the engineer who completed the spec sheet (FSSSS) and a Certificate of Design Compliance (CofC) to be completed by the same engineer;

 4.  a shop drawing review by the local AHJ or the State Fire Marshal at the request of the AHJ.

Being that the law does not specify new construction vs renovation, existing system modification, or up fits, it is currently up to each local AHJ to determine when to apply the requirements of the law.  Using good judgement, an AHJ may determine that a small up fit does not need the additional scrutiny or expense of the added reviews.  Still, it is certainly within your scope to apply the law to EVERY sprinkler system regardless of the scope of work.  The OSFM will review any project, regardless of size or scope, at the request of the local AHJ.


For further information contact Chris Cartee, Clemson Fire Marshal at or call 864-653-2050.

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